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Sandra Garber has been employed in the insurance industry since 1985 when she began her claims career at Yeager & Company as an Assistant Claims Representative.  At that time she was responsible for the handling and processing of Workers’ Compensation medical and small dollar indemnity claims.


In 1990, Sandra moved to American States Insurance Company where she began employment in the capacity of a Senior Claims Representative.  In that position she was delegated the authority to manage catastrophic lost time (Indemnity) and litigated claims.


In 1991, Sandra returned to Consolidated Risk Management Corporation (formerly Yeager & Company) and began working in conjunction with Katherine Maximiuk on the Michigan Automobile Dealers account.


In 1994, Sandra joined Maxcis working with the Michigan Automobile Dealers account.  Since that time she has been charged with the handling and maintenance of high exposure indemnity claims as well as claims involved with the litigation process.  Sandra also worked as a Claims Supervisor and Claims Manager before moving into her current position in Data Management.  As part of her duties she is responsible for all reporting.  This includes reports to management, the clients, the State of Michigan, and the excess carriers.  Balancing and maintaining the checking accounts for all clients. Maintaining the hardware and software systems.

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