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Risk & Results

Maxcis, Inc. supports sophisticated risk-financing programs by providing self-insurance expertise designed to make your risk retention program operate at an optimal level. Our risk management facility specializes in the administration of claims, loss control, underwriting and reinsurance services. At Maxcis, we believe that the efficient management of risk can turn an insurance program into a profit center. We know that there are opportunities in the business of risk, and those companies that prepare for the future with prudent risk management strategies will arrive on time.

Risk Management Strategies



Optimal Results

At Maxcis, we recognize that the traditional means of transferring risk is not always the most cost effective. We provide a variety of self-insurance services that allows your organization to achieve the optimal results offered by a risk retention program:

 Reduced Insurance Friction Costs

 Improved Cash-flow on Loss Payments

 Increased Control over Claim Administration

 Ability to Design Specific Insurance Coverage

 Greater Emphasis on Loss Control

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